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Our Team



A Message from Our Executive Director

There is a reason why RochesterWorks is known as one of the most effective and innovative workforce development organizations in New York State. We are relentless in our mission to ensure that all residents of Monroe County have equitable access to career pathways, and in doing so, ensure that our area’s workforce meets the demands of its economy. Within our organization, we have, collectively, several hundred years of experience in connecting our residents with economic opportunity. As Monroe County’s largest provider of workforce and career readiness services, RochesterWorks is proud of its past, but always has its eye on the future.

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Michael DeBole


Shawn Curran


Antwan Williams


Behiye Mansour

Accounting Manager

Marisol Young

Career Center Manager | St. Paul Street

Laura Seelman

Business Services Manager

Lee Koslow

Technical Assistance & Training Manager

Viatta Tolbert-Carter

Career Center Manager | College Avenue

Theodore Jordan, Jr.

Youth System Manager

Leroy Banks

Community Outreach Specialist

Our Community Outreach Specialist is dedicated to forging new partnerships and cultivating relationships with businesses, community organizations, faith-based organizations, advocacy and networking groups, and others around the City of Rochester and Greater Monroe County. 

Lindsay Murphy

Disability Resource Coordinator

The Disability Resource Coordinator is the go-to for employers and job seekers in accessing disability resources, including our Ticket to Work program and the Disability & Disclosure workshop. 


Sr. Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Media inquiries, public relations concerns, and marketing questions can be directed to the Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator for RochesterWorks. Press may also visit our Press Room page for additional resources.  

Rosa Smith-Montanaro

Training and Workshop Coordinator

The Training and Workshop Coordinator is responsible for scheduling, designing, coordinating guest speakers, and developing training programs for RochesterWorks' customers, staff and partner agencies. 


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100 College Avenue, Suite 200 | Rochester, New York 14607

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